Crawling Ghost


Crawling Lady, Lady in the Tub


She appears to be a woman with shoulder-length black hair, in a grey dress.

Personality & HistoryEdit

This Ghost appears when you play as Rin at the first time you reach Chiyo Kishibe's house. You have to encounter Reiko at this place and try to go up the stairs. Then the cutscene will appear.

Nothing else is really known about her however.

Miscellaneous InformationEdit

  • Fans said that this Ghost is from The Grudge.
  • This ghost MAY also be the ghost that appears in the Kishibe's bathroom: it is hard to determine for sure however, as that ghost only appears from the head down in the bathtub, and even then the back of her/its hair is partly submerged, so we can not tell what is or is not the full length.
  • Like all of the other ghosts encountered in the Kishibe home, this ghost does not attack.

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