The Horror Meter displays the player's "horror", or health. When a player is attacked or an event occurs, the meter will begin to rise. Green is the color that shows your character is in a good state at the moment. Yellow is cautionary, meaning you may want to be careful. Red is the danger zone. In other words, you may get a game over if the horror meter rises any more. Also, when the player has a flashlight, your Horror Meter is a low, calm, green. If the player does not have a flashlight or some source of light, your Meter will will be a cautionary yellow. Cheap Scares(random pop-ups or sounds in game) will not make the Horror Meter rise. Some Cheap Scares will or may make your Horror Meter rise slightly, but not like a ghost encounter. Even though most of those faces and cheap scares won't make the PLAYER'S Horror Meter rise, they might freak YOU out!

                                                                ... I'm all alone...

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