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One of the few "friendly" ghosts that appears in the game. She was a nurse at the hospital where Reiko Asagiri was being treated, and the nurse assigned to care for her. She also was the nurse assigned to Rin Kagura, when she had been admitted to the hospital too.


Calling Wii - Nurse Kyoko - Hospital

Nurse Habino while alive.

A young woman with short brown hair, dressed in a pink nurse's outfit. While alive she of course had color to her fair skin, and her eyes were normal. In death she is ghostly white, and her eyes have become very white & milky.

Personality & HistoryEdit

Kyoko was a very loving and caring nurse, who deeply cared for her assigned patients, including Reiko Asagiri. She began developing a close friendship with the little girl, and kept over a dozen diary entries related to Reiko's stay. When Reiko could not get in contact with her mother, Kyoko had become something akin to a surrogate mother instead.

Unfortunately she indirectly played a part in the tragedy that befell Reiko and the hospital; a misunderstanding occurred between the two where Kyoko let one of the nurses fed up with Reiko vent about the child, not realizing that Reiko was just outside overhearing everything. Reiko may have thought that Kyoko had approved of this, or even that she herself was making the rant, causing their close relationship to end.

When Reiko committed suicide from the 3rd floor (Just after Rin had been brought into the hospital.), Kyoko had seen it and tried to pull Reiko from the window, but was a second too late. This weighed heavily upon her, even though she tried to move on from the incident.

It is revealed later that while checking the internet she was found unconscious, and died shortly there after. Although it was not listed what website she was looking at, it becomes apparent that she must have been visiting The Black Page, and became one of the earlier victims of Reiko's curse.

As a ghost she assists both Rin and Makoto , giving them important information on Reiko, and the deteriorated relationship between them.

Miscellaneous InformationEdit

  • Kyoko lied to Rin about what happened to Reiko, saying that she "checked out not too long ago", probably to avoid having another terminally depressed patient under her care, that would possibly commit suicide on her watch. Although somewhat sad, this was probably for the best at the time.